I-ACT for Children Educational Grant Application

Contact Information

Must start and end within calendar year 2024.

Please note: Awards will be paid as reimbursement after the conference has ended. Awardees will be required to submit detailed receipts for the above-noted expenses; alcoholic beverages cannot be reimbursed. (If airfare is purchased in advance, it may be reimbursed at the time the grant is awarded; receipts required. If conference is later cancelled/made remote, repayment of airfare reimbursement may be required.)

Personal Statement

Please include a written Personal Statement.(500 words maximum)
  • Statement should describe your qualifications and accomplishments, including examples of your personal support of pediatric clinical research and commitment to your institution’s efforts to advocate for children’s unmet medical needs.
  • Statement should also explain how the selected educational program relates to your work in pediatric research, how it will benefit you and your home institution, and how it advances the I-ACT for Children mission to serve the pediatric community and improve health outcomes in children.

Please attach a copy of your CV/Resume: